strategy and innovation造句


  1. He is an acclaimed leadership, strategy and innovation mentor.
  2. Iansiti has performed consultant and advisory roles focusing on strategy and innovation for a variety of Fortune 500 companies.
  3. The question is which strategies and innovations work best and where to concentrate efforts in order to improve student achievement.
  4. Chukwuka has a Masters in Business Administration and a PGD in Strategy and Innovation and a both from University of Oxford.
  5. He is a member of the NationSwell Council and an advisory board member for the strategy and innovation consulting firm Jump Associates.
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  7. On 4 October 2011, Bailey was appointed to the Adelaide Football Club in a new role as a strategy and innovation coach.
  8. Prior to the commencement of the regular season, strategy and innovation coach Dean Bailey died from lung cancer at the age of 47.
  9. Graduate degrees include a Master of Arts in Education, Leadership and Emerging Technologies and a Master of Arts in Design Strategy and Innovation.
  10. In 2014, his role was expanded to encompass the additional position of Vice President, Strategy and Innovation with the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.
  11. "' Ari Wallach "'( born 1974 ) is Founder and CEO of Synthesis Corp ., a strategy and innovation consultancy.
  12. At KU Leuven, he is a senior member of the research unit of managerial economics, strategy and innovation at the faculty for economics and business.
  13. The PhD program has been launched in 2009 and is offered in four majors ( marketing, finance, strategy and innovation management, and organizational theory ).
  14. Vargas also has a master s certificate in project management from George Washington University and training in strategy and innovation from Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ).
  15. "' Youngme Moon "', is Senior Associate Dean for Strategy and Innovation and the Donald K . David Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.
  16. "' Navroze Godrej, "'son of Indian industrialist Jamshyd Godrej, is the Executive Director of Godrej & Boyce and leads Strategy and Innovation for the group.
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