strategy and造句


  1. You can talk about making changes in strategy and different adjustments.
  2. But we respect his gift for campaign strategy and political conciliation.
  3. It will require preparation, strategy and a lot of conditioning.
  4. Third, both sides executed their strategies and tactics exceedingly well.
  5. It will clarify their strategy and create a more homogenous company.
  6. It's difficult to find strategy and in a sentence. 用strategy and造句挺难的
  7. Morningstar praises the fund's conservative strategy and low expenses.
  8. Both own the element of surprise in strategy and in style.
  9. Zap Asthma teaches similar disease management strategies and includes home visits.
  10. We try to make a strategy and then see what happens,
  11. We did the right strategy and almost everything went just perfect.
  12. Like political alliances, business strategy and other complex social structures.
  13. Unfortunately, it is often unsound management strategy and sometimes illegal.
  14. Ramaker was meeting individually with negotiators to discuss strategy and prospects.
  15. I had a strategy and I tried to play my strategy,
  16. We are in the business of strategy and have unique capabilities.
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