1. The Croatians took advantage of another power play and Ratko Stritof made it 2-1.
  2. "I think she's living in LaLa Land, " scoffs Sheri Stritof, marriage guide for About . com.
  3. But it took less than 20 seconds for Stritof to reply, and an interception seconds later led to a goal by Samar Barac that Hackett got a hand on but couldn't stop.
  4. Smith added a second and Azevedo hit the back of the cage twice, while Croatian captain Ratko Stritof scored three goals and combined with Elvis Fatovic and Samir Barac to erase the U . S . advantage until Nikola Frankovic equalized at 6-6 with 26 seconds remaining.
  5. It's difficult to find stritof in a sentence. 用stritof造句挺难的


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