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  1. The peak was listed with an elevation of, although the County Surveyors measured it at.
  2. A scene in the tomb of Menna in Thebes shows surveyors measuring a plot of land using rope with knots tied at regular intervals.
  3. Some cave surveyors measure each station twice, recording a " back-sight " to the previous station in the opposite direction.
  4. As an approximate compensation for refraction, surveyors measuring longer distances than 300 feet subtract 14 % from the calculated curvature error and ensure lines of sight are at least 5 feet from the ground, to reduce random errors created by refraction.
  5. In the following years a royal land surveyor measured all the land and estimated the soil quality, an authorised agent prepared the redemption procedure of dues and service duties, annulling the convent of its feudal privileges and fixing annuity payments to the convent by which its former tenants would redeem their former feudal duties.
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