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  1. "You couldn't do a $ 20 billion syndication today, because banks won't hold more than $ 25 million ."
  2. Cagle Cartoons offers newspaper editorial cartoons and columns . 3DSyndication comprises Syndication Service from India, the India Today Group's Syndications Today and Times Syndication Service of India.
  3. His part seance, part talk show, " Crossing Over With John Edward, " which begins its second season of syndication today, is carried by 210 stations covering 98 percent of the country.
  4. "Thimble Theatre " became one of King Features'most popular strips during the 1930s and, following an eventual name change to " Popeye " in the 1970s, remains one of the longest running strips in syndication today.
  5. Organ music was eventually discontinued in the mid-1970s, around the time " The Carol Burnett Show " wrapped up its run, so when the sketch is seen in syndication today, it brings back a sense of production technique that is now seen by many younger soap viewers as archaic and outdated.
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  7. "' Syndications Today "'is the content syndication division of the India Today Group, a media conglomerate in the Indian sub-continent, which manages and grants reprint and reuse rights of content produced in the form of news, articles, features, images and videos from publications such as India Today Magazine, Business Today Magazine, Cosmopolitan India, Good Housekeeping and others, as well as television channels such as Aaj Tak, India Today, Dilli Aajtak and Tez.


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