1. Elsewhere, the syndie terrain can be considerably more perilous.
  2. He had another son, Robert, from his first marriage as well as two daughters, Syndie and Lisa.
  3. Most archive servers are HTTP archives hosted inside the I2P network, but there are syndie archives in Freenet as well as the normal internet.
  4. Daily Variety, Dec . 21 : " Eliminated from the romantic comedy are allusions that Kate . . . bears a genetic relation to her 21st century boyfriend . . . As screened for the press, the film established Schreiber as a descendent of Hugh Jackman's Leopold . . . Reviewing pic last week on their syndie review show, Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper groused that the incest implication left them cold ."
  5. It's difficult to find syndie in a sentence. 用syndie造句挺难的


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