t rescue造句


  1. The ministry also implied it won't rescue Yamaichi.
  2. A few neat visual effects can't rescue it from mediocrity.
  3. But it couldn't rescue her husband George's failing presidency.
  4. Heaven knows what would have happened if he hadn't rescued me.
  5. "Then I realized I couldn't rescue Stephen,"
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  7. Eighty-eight people killed means 88 people who weren't rescued.
  8. The merchant ships couldn't rescue Fauconnier due to the rough conditions.
  9. Hogan would have almost certainly been executed if he wasn't rescued.
  10. Some U . S . investors said Japan shouldn't rescue troubled companies.
  11. But sometimes even a " stallion " can't rescue a preacher.
  12. Lavish productions won't rescue it from the widespread critical condemnation it so richly deserves.
  13. That worried investors, and probably won't rescue his reputation at home, analysts said.
  14. And she hasn't rescued anyone from a burning car or played hero at a bloody accident.
  15. You can't rescue the decoupage; avoid trouble by using shellac or oil-based varnish.
  16. They couldn't rescue them, " said Zubeyde Sezen of her neighbor's house.
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