t shirts造句


  1. She also markets her business, inspirational T shirts, online.
  2. A bull's-eye earns a player a T shirt.
  3. He was wearing no pants; only a T shirt.
  4. John Lennon got his first Home T shirt that night.
  5. It is almost always upcycled from old T shirts.
  6. It's difficult to find t shirts in a sentence. 用t shirts造句挺难的
  7. A local artist, Keith Coffman, donated our event T Shirt design.
  8. I've seen her wear an inexpensive T shirt and an expensive jacket.
  9. Saw on a T shirt : may be an organization or philosophy or group.
  10. That, I thought, should be on a T shirt or a bumper sticker.
  11. She autographs CDs, baseball caps, T shirts and lipstick-printed boxer shorts.
  12. His normal attire consists of a T shirt, baggy jeans and a baseball cap.
  13. You watched the bronco, followed the trial, even bought the books and T shirts.
  14. So, as a T shirt back in Aristophanes'day probably proclaimed, farce happens.
  15. Forget the tote bags, Bill Moyers self-help tapes and Three Tenors T shirts.
  16. This gives the impression that you re wearing a collared shirt underneath your ordinary t shirt.
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