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  1. Classical t tauri star
  2. Weak - line t tauri star
  3. Which will eventually form stars of spectral types g , k or m . t tauri stars are surrounded by a huge cloud and they are very young , with low surface temperature . they emit most of their light in the infrared region and they appear red . a general principle is , a violent reaction will give out short wavelength waves , like gamma rays or x - rays ; while a gentle process will radiate long wavelength waves , like radio or infrared
    ,这类星最后会演化为g k或m型恒星,金牛座t型星为表面温度低而非常年青的恒星,四周被星云所围绕,所以这种星颜色偏红,较容易在红外线波段找到一个普遍的原则是,如果活动越激烈,则所放出的光波波长越短,主要会为伽玛或x射线如果活动温和,则会发放出如无线电波或红外线等长波长电磁波。
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