1. Roth persuaded Stan Taffel to create and take charge of the new group.
  2. Mrs . Taffel said Friday, noting that their marriage had lasted 58 years.
  3. Most parents have a sense when things have crossed a line, says Taffel.
  4. McGraw Hill ), Taffel ( " Nurturing Good Children Now,"
  5. Taffel urges parents not to give up.
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  7. "It's a real challenge for parents, " says Taffel.
  8. Mr . Meister personally selected a teacher, Alexander Taffel, to succeed him as principal.
  9. The first problem, Taffel proposes, is a moral ambiguity that has swept over modern families.
  10. Child psychologist Ron Taffel describes a spoiled brat as a child with a chronic set of entitled expectations.
  11. In 2012 Danish Distillers ( Aalborg Taffel, etc ., Gammel Dansk ) was bought from Pernod Ricard.
  12. They were my friends, " says Ruth Taffel, a former Brooklyn neighbor who now lives in Boca Raton.
  13. "We are parenting in a cultural context that reinforces the creation of spoiled children, " says Taffel.
  14. Taffel says parents should strengthen certain core attributes in their children to raise sons and daughters with a strong sense of self.
  15. When Taffel was named Bronx Science's second principal in 1958, there were those who felt a bit sorry for him.
  16. "Overwhelmingly, what the kids want most, is ( their parents') undivided attention, " says Taffel.
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