1. The Tainoceratina rearranges the precedented Tainocerataceae while excluding the ancestral Rutoceratidae.
  2. The remaining Tainocerataceae are the Tainoceratina.
  3. Genera in the Rutocerina are redistributed ( K黰mel 1964 ) in the Rutoceratina, Tainoceratina, and Centroceratina.
  4. Shimansky 1962 ( in Kummel 1964 ) divided the Nautilida into five suborders, the mostly Paleozoic Centroceratina, Liroceratina, Rutoceratina, and Tainoceratina, and the Mesozoic to recent Nautilina.
  5. Six additional families used in the Tainoceratina, the Actubonautilidae, Encoiloceratidae, Gzheloceratidae, Mosquoceratidae, Pleuronautilidae, and Temnocheilidae result from mixing genera from this family and that and redefining established families.
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  7. The Tainoceratina differs conceptually from the Tainocerataceae in that the Tetragonoceratidae is the ancestral family, derived from the Rutocerida rather than being an offshoot from the Rutoceratidae and that the various families included within are combined in unique superfamilies.
  8. The "'Tainoceratina "'is a suborder within the Nautilida ( K黰mel 1964 ) created by Shimanskiy on the assumption that the initial, or embryonic, whorl was the critical phylogenetic indicator, which resulted in combining otherwise unrelated and separating obviously related forms.


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