tainted blood scandal造句


  1. The Red Cross has been forced out of the field as a result of the tainted blood scandal.
  2. Former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius on Tuesday was acquitted of manslaughter in France's highly charged tainted blood scandal.
  3. A former senior official at the ministry was arrested in October in connection with the tainted blood scandal . ( may)
  4. The convictions were the first in a wide-ranging tainted blood scandal that shook Japan's powerful bureaucracy and pharmaceutical industry.
  5. Former Health Minister Edmond Herve was convicted but never punished in what was the most spectacular of three trials over the tainted blood scandal.
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  7. Paris prosecutors said Monday they would appeal a court's decision to dismiss a case against 30 people implicated in an AIDS-tainted blood scandal.
  8. The tainted blood scandal, in which 1, 300 people were contaminated with the AIDS virus, deeply shook public confidence in France's health system.
  9. A former health minister and thirty other doctors and health administrators are to stand trial in France's ongoing tainted blood scandal, judicial sources said Thursday.
  10. The Canadian Red Cross was fined $ 5, 000 for its role in the tainted blood scandal and agreed to plead guilty to distributing a contaminated drug.
  11. As a legislator, Edano played a role in the government response to the HIV-tainted blood scandal of 1995 and the financial industry reorganization of 1998.
  12. The chairman of French automaker Renault has been indicted in the long-running investigation of government responsibility for an AIDS-tainted blood scandal, Renault said Monday.
  13. A former health minister who was convicted _ but escaped without punishment _ for his role in France's tainted blood scandal said Friday he will not appeal.
  14. Prosecutors recommended charges be dropped against a former health minister suspected of a role in the tainted blood scandal that shook France a decade ago, judicial officials said Thursday.
  15. Kan, an earlier party president who lost to Hatoyama in 1999, won popularity in the 1990s as health minister for his handling of an HIV-tainted blood scandal.
  16. Former Prime Minister Laurent Fabius and another minister were acquitted Tuesday in France's tainted blood scandal, but a third minister was convicted for his role in two HIV contaminations.
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