1. If such events accelerate through mountain passes, dangerously accelerated mountain-gap winds can result, such as the Tehuantepecer and Santa Ana winds.
  2. Further funneling of cool air occurs within the Isthmus, which can lead to winds of gale and hurricane-force, referred to as a Tehuantepecer.
  3. The synoptic condition for Tehuantepecer winds is associated with high-pressure system forming in Sierra Madre of Mexico in the wake of an advancing cold front, which causes winds to accelerate through the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.
  4. Similar winds occur at other gaps in mountain ranges, such as the tehuantepecer and the jochwinde, and in long channels, such as the Strait of Juan de Fuca between the Olympic Mountains of Washington and Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Hinlopen Strait near Spitsbergen.
  5. The jet winds travel southwest from the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean through a pass in the Cordillera where this same phenomenon occurs, one at the Chivela Pass in M閤ico and another at the Panama Canal, producing the Tehuano ( Tehuantepecer ) and the Panama jets respectively.
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  7. Another condition that occurs as result of NAO-is increased polar front activity plunging farther south than usual, beyond the Gulf of Mexico / Caribbean Sea basins resulting in a break in tropical weather for those regions, as instance of this is when Tehuantepecer winds blow outward into the Pacific Ocean away from the coastline of Southern Mexico.


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