1. This allowed the transference of morpho-syntactical elements into Tehuelche.
  2. El Tehuelche Airport is located 10 km northwest of the city centre.
  3. He was taken prisoner by a Tehuelche aboriginal tribe and condemned to death.
  4. The Tehuelche language is also near extinction.
  5. The northern Tehuelche were conquered and later assimilated by the Mapuche during the Araucanization of Patagonia.
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  7. During this period he met the Tehuelche chief, Inacayal, who was hospitable to him.
  8. The aircraft were named for the Ranquel and Tehuelche peoples, different groups indigenous to Patagonia.
  9. Fitz Roy, however, was only one of a number of peaks the Tehuelche called Chalt閚.
  10. Near the town, there is a site of ancient Tehuelche rock art from the tenth century.
  11. Construction was of a fabric-covered tubular structure, although the Tehuelche featured metal-covered wings.
  12. The Tehuelche adopted the Mapuche language and some of their culture, in what came to be called Araucanization.
  13. While being quite separate from each other, the Tehuelche were considerably influenced by these two other languages and cultures.
  14. His remains were finally returned to his people in 1994 for reinterment in the Comunidad Tehuelche Mapuche of Chubut Province.
  15. Before the Spaniards arrived in the Americas, nomadic indigenous Tehuelche peoples had inhabited the Patagonia region for thousands of years.
  16. The decline of the language started with the Araucanization of Patagonia, when many Tehuelche peoples adopted the Mapuche language as their main language.
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