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  1. This organ is part of the immune system , as well as being part of the endocrine system
  2. They have caught the skeleton behaving as part of the endocrine system , the scheme by which the body uses hormones to signal its needs
  3. Many in this movement point to a correspondence between the position and role of the chakras , and those of the glands in the endocrine system
  4. We hope our research could acquire more morphological evidences about the lung development and the mechanism of the endocrine system in lung
  5. Parallels have often been drawn , by supporters of the existence of chakras , between the positions and functions of the chakras , and of the various organs of the endocrine system
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  7. The major glands of the endocrine system are the hypothalamus , pituitary , thyroid , parathyroids , adrenals , pancreas , pineal body , and the reproductive organs ( ovaries and testes )
    内分泌系统主要的腺体有下视丘、脑下垂体、甲状腺、副甲状腺、肾上腺、胰脏、松果腺及生殖器官(卵巢及?丸) 。
  8. Its role would be very similar to that of the pituitary gland , which secretes hormones to control the rest of the endocrine system , and also connects to the central nervous system via the hypothalamus
  9. Because osteocalcin is produced only by osteoblasts yet acts on cells far away in the pancreas , the researchers concluded that bone is part of the endocrine system , and that it may hold a key to both obesity and diabetes
  10. Jade had supernatural power and can bring good luck . the healing power of purple jade is similar to the amethyst . it boosts production of hormones , tunes the endocrine system and metabolism , strengthens the immune system , and cleanses the blood
  11. The healing power of purple jade is similar to the amethyst . it boosts production of hormones , tunes the endocrine system and metabolism , strengthens the immune system , and cleanses the blood . it eases headaches and releases tension , reduces bruising , injuries , and swellings
  12. Environmental hormones are the substances harmful to human health released to the environment by human activities . they perform similarly to the natural hormones in the human body , so they can produce fault signals and thus interfere the endocrine system , causing abnormality of the metabolism and regeneration system
  13. Although there is no evidence that indian mystics made this association themselves , it is noted by many that there is a marked similarity between the positions and roles described for chakras , and the positions and roles of the glands in the endocrine system , and also by the positions of the nerve ganglia ( also known as " plexuses " ) along the spinal column , opening the possibility that two vastly different systems of conceptualization have been brought to bear to systemize insights about the same phenomenon
    虽然没有印度神秘主义者使脉轮与他们自己联合的证据,多数人解释了,在位置和描述的脉轮的角色之间有明显的类似,以及位置和内分泌系统腺体的角色,以及同样通过神经中枢(也就是熟知的“丛” )的位置沿脊柱,开启了这样的可能性,两种巨大不同的概念系统已经使得移向有关同样现象系统化的洞见上来。
  14. Serous cortisol content in each group increased , while cortisol content in group i was higher than that in each other group ( p < 0 . 05 ) . serous - ep content in each group increased and then decreased gradually , but - ep content in group iv has a significant increased at half an hour following incision ( p < 0 . 05 ) . conclusions canine immune functions are suppressed by operation with different anesthetic techniques to different degree , but resume at 15th day after operation . there is an interacting and interadjusting mechanism among the cns ( central nerve system ) , the endocrine system and the immune system
    结果各组在麻醉手术后4h及术后1d白细胞总数、嗜中性分叶状粒细胞数显著增加( p 0 . 05 ) ,淋巴细胞数减少;血清球蛋白含量先降低后升高;组rbc ? c _ 3br花环率先降低再升高后降低,其它组均先降低; t淋巴细胞转化率均呈现不同程度的降低,在术后7d左右恢复正常;血浆皮质醇浓度先升高后降低,但组皮质醇含量在切皮后30min较其它组上升显著( p 0 . 05 ) ;血浆- ep浓度先升高后降低,但组- ep含量在切皮后30min较其它组上升显著( p 0 . 05 ) 。


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