the endowed造句


  1. The endowed chair funded everything except for salaries for his research assistants.
  2. In 1848 he became headmaster of the endowed parochial school at Lambeth Green.
  3. The endowed chair is financed by Xerox Corp . and Japanese affiliate Fuji Xerox.
  4. The program specifies that funders have no input on the selection of the endowed fellowships.
  5. Thomas Botfield, the younger, was educated at the endowed school of Cleobury Mortimer.
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  7. He placed great weight upon pastoral commitment, above all popular preaching by the endowed staff.
  8. The endowed prizes were as follows:
  9. The endowed fund supports an annual visit to JHU and lecture by a scholar in mathematical sciences.
  10. In 1996 he was appointed professor occupying the endowed chair of modern history at the Utrecht University.
  11. Today, the endowed institute promotes ocean stewardship and economic growth in the Gulf of Maine bioregion.
  12. The endowed Goolsby Leadership Academy is a cohort program for high achieving undergraduate business students and distinguished faculty.
  13. It also allowed the endowed land to be used for agriculture until it was needed for future expansions.
  14. The new name reflected the Endowed School's history, referring to the endowments it had received.
  15. It was presented to Caerleon Town Council and erected next to the Endowed School, Caerleon in 1977.
  16. The endowed professorship was funded with a $ 1.3 million gift from brothers Sidney and Ralph Rose.
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