the festivities造句


  1. But the festivities overshadowed any differences in Manger Square on Saturday.
  2. We can enjoy the festivities, whichever way they may go.
  3. The festivities began when Bad Humor symbolically was put to death.
  4. And a century ago the festivities lasted most of a week.
  5. Hector Montero seemed to be summoning merrymakers to join the festivities.
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  7. Let us review the Cowboys'anticipated role in the festivities.
  8. And New York is playing a substantial role in the festivities.
  9. The festivities didn't even start until way after dark.
  10. One solid indication is how the festivities are set to begin.
  11. The festivities began after midnight with children and grandparents on hand.
  12. All the festivities will take place downtown at Embarcadero Marina Park.
  13. Officials had no specific advice for best viewing of the festivities.
  14. But amid the festivity there was also a note of nostalgia.
  15. But when the ABC tape was played, the festivities stopped.
  16. But officials want something else for the festivities : his bones.
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