the festivus造句


  1. No one has come forward to take credit for the Festivus display.
  2. The Festivus Film Festival expanded considerably since its inaugural year in 2008.
  3. The film won the " Best Narrative Feature " Award at the Festivus Film Festival.
  4. "The Festivus " began as a club newsletter with Blanche Brewer as its founding editor in 1970.
  5. Jerry, Elaine, George, and Mr . Kruger attend the Festivus dinner at George's parents'house.
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  7. They are two of the Festivus faithful who held their parties early in December before friends headed home for more traditional affairs.
  8. The Festivus dinner continues with the traditional " feats of strength " where Frank forces George to fight him as George refuses.
  9. In its rebirth " The Festivus " uses a blind peer review process and has an expanded peer review board of professionals worldwide.
  10. ""'The Festivus " "'is a publication about malacology and conchology published by the San Diego Shell Club in San Diego, California.
  11. By Wednesday evening, no one had claimed the Festivus display, and the commission said it would come down; a woman claimed the Zoroastrianism display, which was to stay.
  12. The Festivus party to be given in Austin on Christmas Eve eve by Katherine Willis, an actress, and her husband is to include a backyard game of " pitching washers ."
  13. Stiller, 77, has his own interpretation of the Festivus rituals as portrayed on the " Seinfeld " episode, especially the feats of strength, which end with a wrestling match between him and George.
  14. In 2016, the " Tampa Bay Times " became the first newspaper to allow readers to submit Festivus grievances through its website, with the promise to publish them on December 23, the day of the Festivus holiday.
  15. In February 2014, it was announced that " The Festivus " would, from that point on, be published quarterly in both electronic and print format, and that in addition to scientific articles, popular articles of general interest and advertising would be included.
  16. The subsidiary Laugh Track Comedy Festival was created in 2010 as a spin-off from Festivus'comedy shorts block ( also called Laugh Track . ) Also in 2012, " MovieMaker Magazine " named the Festivus Film Festival one of the " 20 Coolest Film Festivals " in the country.
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