the festoon造句


  1. Tulips, the flower of the virginity and purity, appear in the festoons as well beside the rose heads.
  2. At the side entrance from via Mazzini there is a holy water stoup dated 1500 made with white alabaster, probably coming from the church of the Festoons and contained four heads of angels : today there is only one existing.
  3. The floodlighting was cheaper to install, maintain, and power than the festoons of electric bulbs, and allowed both artistic effects with shimmering light, accents, and contrasts with dark surroundings, and realism, including the highlighting of architectural details.
  4. The detailing includes coursed render to the ground floor expressing voussoirs, above which is located an open-crown pediment with relief mouldings which are described in the Brisbane Sculpture Guide ( Judith McKay 1988 ) as The festoon of Queensland agricultural produce including wheat, strawberries, macadamia nuts, bananas and pumpkins ( which ) is given due status by the addition of classical acanthus leaves.
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