the whaley house造句


  1. The Whaley House was the home of Thomas Whaley and his family.
  2. After this history of success and deaths the Whaley House remains well known as a haunted house.
  3. In 2012, the Whaley House was featured on the Biography Channel's " The Haunting of Regis Philbin ".
  4. Founded in 1969, Save Our Heritage Organisation maintains several historic buildings including the Whaley House and the George W . Marston House.
  5. The nonprofit Save Our Heritage Organisation ( SOHO ) operates two museums in Old Town San Diego : the Adobe Chapel Museum and the Whaley House Museum.
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  7. Long considered to be one of America's most haunted, The Whaley House has been noted as such by past US Commerce Department promotional material.
  8. While filming for a local San Diego morning show in 1964, Regis Philbin visited the Whaley House Museum and claimed to have a paranormal encounter with Mrs . Whaley.
  9. Although the film was shot on location at the historic Bembridge House in Long Beach, California, the history and ghostly legends of the Whaley House were used as a basis for the movie.
  10. Presented late night on the last weekend of each month, an intimate number of guest investigators learn about the historical family that built the legendary home and helped establish San Diego as an emerging city, are introduced to paranormal investigation tools and techniques, then put them to use to discover why the US Department of Commerce has published the Whaley House as a haunted location within vintage promotional material . sdGH provides its co-host duties on a volunteer-basis as a service to the community.


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