the wharf theatre造句


  1. The Wharf Theatre is in an old warehouse on the same site.
  2. On the same site is the Wharf Theatre in an old warehouse.
  3. It operates from The Wharf Theatre near The Rocks, as well as the Sydney Theatre and the Sydney Opera House Drama Theatre.
  4. Additional performances were held at the Wharf Theatre, in Sydney, Australia in 1992 and the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds in 1998.
  5. The Wharf Theatre is mentioned in the 2013 travel book National Geographic Traveler : Sydney, as a venue for one of Sydney's main theatre companies.
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  7. Sydney Theatre Company intended the season at the Wharf Theatre to be a tryout before a transfer to the larger Sydney Opera House Drama Theatre and a national tour.
  8. Between Plymouth Road and the Tavy is the park, known locally as the Meadows, along with car parks, the Wharf theatre, cinema and culture centre, and a public recreation pool.
  9. "Jonah " premiered ( as " Jonah Jones " ) at the Sydney Theatre Company's The Wharf Theatre on 26 October 1985, one of the first productions in the newly developed theatre.
  10. This led Luhrmann to direct more theatre productions back in Australia, and in 1988, as part of the Australian Bicentenary celebrations, the Sydney Theatre Company invited him to establish an experimental theatre ensemble, Six Years Old, which took up a residency at The Wharf Theatre for that year.
  11. One is Walker's 50-foot wide villa built around 1825 and now part of Milton Terrace at 7-9 Lower Fort Street; the other is the home and offices of Edwards and Hunter, built in 1833 above their wharves which is where the Wharf Theatre now stands.
  12. The first STC production in The Wharf Theatre ( now Wharf 1 ), 17 January 1985, was Late Arrivals, by Pamela van Amstel, directed by Wayne Harrison in his directorial debut . ( Wayne Harrison went on to become the second Artistic Director of the company, in 1990 . ) The play was part of a season of one-act plays called Shorts at the Wharf.
  13. Their productions occasionally incorporate the return to the live stage of famous Australian screen actors such as Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Geoffrey Rush etc . The Wharf Theatre, the Sydney Theatre, the Drama Theatre of the Opera House and the Belvoir St Theatre ( the home of John Bell, specializes in Shakespearean drama, with forays into modern plays such as Heiner M黮ler's'Titus Andronicus '.


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