thz radiation造句


  1. Therefore, the fundamental interactions between THz radiation and semiconductors are receiving increasing attention.
  2. There are a great variety of techniques to generate THz radiation and to detect THz fields.
  3. THz radiation was generated by nonlinear mixing of two modes in a mid-infrared quantum cascade laser.
  4. Because THz radiation is biologically safe ( non ionisant ), it can be used in high resolution imaging to detect skin cancer.
  5. To say that little THz radiation is emitted is to say that there are not significant features of the motion of electrons on the timescale of 10-12 seconds.
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  7. A second example shows the possibility for the direct control of spin waves with THz radiation on antiferromagnetic NiO . These are promising demonstrations of how the switching of electric and magnetic properties in multiferroics, mediated by the mixed character of the magnetoelectric dynamics, may lead to ultrafast data processing, communication and quantum computing devices.


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