1. Terahertz pivotal technology and biomedical applications
  2. Applications of photoconductive switches in uwb and thz
  3. Temporal characterization of thz pulses generated by large aperture photoconductive antennas
  4. Thz radiation generated from a si3n4 covered gaas photoconductive dipole antenna is investigated in the paper
  5. Chapter one is a survey of thz radiation , including the character of thz radiation , the generati
  6. It's difficult to find thz in a sentence. 用thz造句挺难的
  7. 4 . using ttds measurement and analysis , the characteristic of mixed crystal hgcdte and zncdte in thz region is analyzed
    四、利用thz波段时域光谱测量和分析方法,第一次得到了混晶hgcdte 、 zncdte在0
  8. 3 . using the transmission ttds , we measured and analyzed the absorption and dispersion of bulk znse ( l 10 )
    三、利用透射型thz时域光谱技术,对znse ( 110 )单晶在thz波段的色散和吸收性质进行了测量和分析。
  9. Therefore , the phase matching condition in the < 110 > - oriented zn1 - xcdxte crystals is the key factor which affects the generation efficiency of thz waves
  10. Because of it ' s unique character , thz may give prominent influence to the field of imaging , biology , communication , national - defense and so on
  11. Experimental measurements from different doped zn0 . 95cd0 . 05te < 110 > crystals suggest that the dc resistivity of the crystal for thz emitter application should be greater than 102o - cm
    晶体的电阻率p刁o ( c时,才能充当thz辐射的产生器件。
  12. As an wave - band in the electromagnetic spectrum which hardly being used to this day , terahertz has came to be a focus to scientists of all over the would
  13. 6 ) the self - absorption of thz waves in doped zn0 . 95cd005te < 110 > crystals is the main factor which affects the generation efficiency of thz waves
    对于不同掺杂的zll095cd005te 110单晶,晶体产生thz辐射效率不同的主要原因是晶体对thz辐射的吸收不同。
  14. The precision of the optical constants measured by transmission ttds is evaluated . the stimulation shows that the phase measurement dominates the anti - noise ability of ttds
    具体估算出我们所用的透射型thz时域光谱系统的测量精度范围:折射率可以精确到1而消光系数可以精确到5 。
  15. According to the drude theory , we obtain the low - frequency and high - frequency dielectric constant of znse . we also observed the absorption caused by multi - phonon processes in znse
  16. The observation reconfirms that introduction of a small amount of cd ( 3 % - 5 % ) into znte can significantly improve the crystal quality and enhances the generation efficiency of thz waves
    这说明在znte晶体中少量刁加入cd ,能够提高znte晶体生长的质量,降低晶体对thz辐射的吸收,提高晶体产生t ’ hz辐射的效率。
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