tide to go造句


  1. We waited two hours for the tide to go out and bring the bait and stripers through the channel.
  2. Dabord waited several days for the tide to go down, but wound up leaving the boat in the harbor,
  3. We could no more " stop " either of them than King Canute could order the tide to go back.
  4. As with other dams, caissons with holes were lowered, allowing the tides to go through during the construction of the dam.
  5. Tide to go, that really helped when I had to give my speech for Queen Latifah and spilled that lingonberry sauce on my blouse.
  6. It's difficult to find tide to go in a sentence. 用tide to go造句挺难的
  7. "We're waiting for the tide to go out, and then we'll haul it back in, " he said.
  8. You see, the night before I had dined on one of nature's finest delicacies, saltwater mussels, plucked from tiny ocean pools that washed them and kept them icy cold while I waited for the tide to go out so I could find them.


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