tide up造句


  1. He was tiding up there and leading the prayers during pilgrimages.
  2. Storm tides up to 3 feet above normal were expected.
  3. There was NO intent to decieve or confound-he was tiding up.
  4. Tides up to, caused significant flooding in the Galveston-Freeport area.
  5. Storm tides up to 3 feet ( about one meters ) above normal were expected.
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  7. This is the first time I try to tide up my talk pages creating archives.
  8. Along the coast, minor beach erosion occurred due to tides up to above normal.
  9. Freddie Milons returned a punt 62 yards to put the Crimson Tide up by 14 again.
  10. Since then I've expanded the lead and history sections, sorted out the table and tided up the referencing.
  11. Intense wave action churned the Chesapeake Bay, while storm-heightened tides up to above normal flooded wharves and coastal communities.
  12. After another Ole Miss drive stalled, Alabama managed a field goal from 30 yards out, putting the Tide up 27 24.
  13. But many fret that there may be more downside to Gucci and other luxury-goods stocks before they ride the tide up again.
  14. Tailback Ahmaad Galloway had put the Tide up 20-10 with a 62-yard run with 29 seconds left in the third quarter.
  15. Forecasters said Sunday the storm may strengthen before it makes landfall, pushing tides up to 15 feet ( 4.5 meters ) above normal.
  16. Stinnett then sparked a 29-6 run with four 3-pointers in less than six minutes to put the Tide up 33-20.
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