tide you over造句


  1. It also may provide a small loan to tide you over.
  2. Just a little something to tide you over till that midday feast.
  3. One should be enough to tide you over to a real meal.
  4. It'll tide you over until the election is sorted out.
  5. Well, here are some more Engvall tidbits to tide you over:
  6. It's difficult to find tide you over in a sentence. 用tide you over造句挺难的
  7. It's no meal, but it'll tide you over.
  8. This little trick will tide you over until your legs even themselves up!
  9. Well, here's something to tide you over until next Sunday, anyway.
  10. It's the camaraderie that tides you over during the bad times ."
  11. Want another Slurpie to tide you over?
  12. Personal insect repellent could tide you over.
  13. You may find you need some extra considerations or extra money to help tide you over.
  14. You might need something to tide you over between slow sit-down meals in restaurants.
  15. Home canning is really meant to tide you over to the next season's crop.
  16. Furniture that requires assembly looks good and can tide you over until you can afford better quality items.
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