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  1. This lowered the level of the reservoir, revealing the earlier timber dam.
  2. The wooden timber dam deteriorated and needed to be replaced in the late nineteenth century.
  3. Two temporary banks were constructed, enclosing, plus a timber dam beyond the southernmost bank closing off the to-be-constructed lock.
  4. One of their biggest contentions is the illegal concrete replacement of the Churchill timber dam, near an old logging camp.
  5. In addition, a timber dam was built across the Vrbas to provide the necessary water fall to operate the turbine.
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  7. Timber dams were widely used in the early part of the industrial revolution and in frontier areas due to ease and speed of construction.
  8. By utilizing the natural fall of at Spruce Falls in addition to a timber dam which impounded a small forebay, a head of was developed.
  9. Tentatively, plans call for lowering the water level behind the timber dam, breaching it in one spot, then removing the rest of the dam in stages.
  10. Timber dams were once numerous, especially in the North American West, but most have failed, been hidden under earth embankments, or been replaced with entirely new structures.
  11. It failed within hours, and was replaced by a second timber dam, which in turn was replaced in 1900 by a granite-faced dam about downstream from its predecessor.
  12. Fears that the timber dam might fail and Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality considering the dam a " significant hazard " forced the township to consider renovating the dam in 2001.
  13. Placed under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Bailey, they helped to build a timber dam from 30 April through 10 May to enable federal gunboats to negotiate the Red River s rapids.
  14. In preparation, H . E . Sargent had knocked out a 70-foot stretch of the concrete and timber dam and replaced it with an earthen cofferdam that would be much easier to demolish on cue.
  15. At Lake Jean it built an earthen dam in 1949 1950 to replace Ricketts'1905 timber dam; the new dam increased the size of Lake Jean to and its eastern end now included the former Mud Pond.
  16. If the project had been successful, the plan was to rebuild the two log and timber dams in concrete, this prompted him to say " I used to be land poor, but now I'm dam poor ".
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