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  1. The Board of Trustees finally decided to award scholarships in early 2006.
  2. Foundation officials say they hope to award scholarships to another class of students next year.
  3. It hopes to build a fund large enough to award scholarships to every graduating senior.
  4. But even institutions that do not have the money to award scholarships do so anyway-- by discounting tuition.
  5. It is also a joy to be able to award scholarships at The H . U . F Awards.
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  7. In 1966, the Scholarship Trust Fund was established to award scholarships to students interested in pursuing medical school education.
  8. Furthermore, they established the Anna-Carolina Foundation to support female students, an organisation that continues to award scholarships to this day.
  9. In his guilty pleas, Piggie acknowledged conspiring to defraud the universities of their right to award scholarships to eligible amateur athletes.
  10. Besides scholarship ties with HPM, Mara also has Proton to award scholarships to students under the Rakan Taja or sponsorship programme.
  11. The new group's mission is to award scholarships, identify internships and provide professional leadership training for rural youths in the Midwest.
  12. In 1990, Datatel formed the Datatel Scholars Foundation to award scholarships to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students attending Datatel client institutions.
  13. The Connecticut Guild Opera Competition is set up to award scholarship money to local singing students, and again he came in second.
  14. After his death, the Truitt Memorial Fund was established to award scholarships for study in the marine sciences at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory.
  15. Today, these schools, often called " grandfathered ", are allowed to award scholarships in the one originally grandfathered sport, plus one women's sport.
  16. Several days later, Buyer said he had created the foundation, with the goal of creating a sustainable organization to award scholarships to high school seniors.
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