to b or not to b造句


  1. Roy is making a comeback with Harikrit Films psychological thriller " To B or Not to B ".
  2. Her piece on Bisexuality,  To B or Not to B, The B in LGBT, encapsulates her experience as a bisexual.
  3. In 2015 Tarsem Antil Produced " To B or Not To B " ( 2016 ) Hindi & English movie starring Rahul Roy, Akansha Shivhare & Trivikram Mattoo.
  4. Now stepping in the corridors of Bollywood Film industry she has recently written the script of an international film project and she has written lyrics for the film " To B or Not to B ".
  5. Every song follows a loose concept of basing each song's composition ( Which are named after common phrases used in language ) on certain songwriting systems created by Jarzombek himself ( E . g ., " To B or Not to B " consisting of 2 themes; Only using the note B ( To B ), and using every note except for B ( Not to B ) ).
  6. It's difficult to find to b or not to b in a sentence. 用to b or not to b造句挺难的


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