to bach造句


  1. Weinberg adopts a mode of presentation akin to Bach's.
  2. But then a friend suggested I listen to Bach and Mozart.
  3. But try listening to Bach's " Goldberg"
  4. Throughout the 19th century the cantata was generally attributed to Bach.
  5. The music, he said, ranged from Marvin Gaye to Bach.
  6. It's difficult to find to bach in a sentence. 用to bach造句挺难的
  7. Bach scholars like Christoph Wolff defended the attribution to Bach.
  8. Because their former attribution to Bach is spurious they appear in Anh.
  9. It was set to Bach's Air on a G String.
  10. The show ended in 2012, due to Bach's death.
  11. Forkel gives most attention to Bach's keyboard music.
  12. Especially pleasing is the variety of his responses to Bach's scoring.
  13. Halpern's memories of his first visit to Bach Mai are vivid.
  14. To Bach's listeners, the cantata texts did not seem archaic.
  15. Bach belongs to Leipzig and Leipzig belongs to Bach.
  16. On June 2013, Jansen recorded her second album completely dedicated to Bach.
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