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  1. The facility is owned by VenuesWest is situated adjacent to Tonkin Highway.
  2. Tonkin Highway is a major artery road crossing northwest-southeast through Bayswater.
  3. In 1994, the highway was extended further southwards from Tonkin Highway to Welshpool Road.
  4. Tonkin Highway continues southwards through a narrow S curve that realigns the highway further east.
  5. Tonkin Highway's northern section will be Ellenbrook to Great Northern Highway near Brand Highway.
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  7. An 8 kilometre section, between Erindale Road and Tonkin Highway, is a continuous freeway.
  8. The of road built since 1994 between Tonkin Highway and Kwinana Freeway, is to a freeway standard.
  9. Average peak period traffic speeds in this part of Tonkin Highway were measured as or less in 2013.
  10. The border between Embleton and Bayswater follows Beechboro Road, which is discontinuous either side of Tonkin Highway.
  11. Main Roads Western Australia monitors traffic volume across the state's road network, including several locations along Tonkin Highway.
  12. Tonkin Highway crosses the river via the Redcliffe Bridge, which takes the highway into, in the City of Belmont LGA.
  13. The 2024 master plan calls for the completion of a rail link that will connect with the Ashfield Station at the Tonkin Highway.
  14. A new ramp from Abernethy Road to Tonkin Highway southbound has been constructed as part of the $ 1 billion Gateway WA project.
  15. The relocated rail will run through the proposed West Mundijong Industrial Area, on the western side of the future Tonkin Highway alignment.
  16. An on-ramp joining with Tonkin Highway where Abernethy Road passes underneath, has been recently constructed, as part of Gateway WA.
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