1. Liu Yongfu's Black Flag Army also withdrew from Tonkinese territory.
  2. He spent time at Tonkin on evangelizing the Tonkinese people.
  3. Several more Christian missionaries were put to death by the Tonkinese authorities.
  4. Tirailleur regiments were also raised in Vietnamese, Tonkinese or Annamites Tirailleurs.
  5. The attack would be screened by Geil's Tonkinese.
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  7. In 1871, Harrison Weir organised a cat show at the Tonkinese breed.
  8. However the Tonkinese authorities did not agree with this.
  9. Mahias, de Mibielle s Turco battalion and two companies of Tonkinese riflemen.
  10. Some of today's Tonkinese can be tracked by pedigree back to Wong Mau.
  11. Its front and left were screened by heavy skirmish lines of Tonkinese and Cochinchinese riflemen.
  12. The 1st Battalion, 1st Tonkinese Rifle Regiment ( " chef de bataillon"
  13. The Bloody Mary character is Tonkinese.
  14. "' Tonkinese "'are a pointed coat pattern in a variety of colors.
  15. Thus Tonkinese in CFA are limited to those colors and patterns decided upon with perhaps less objectivity.
  16. Typically, a column would contain legionnaires and marine infantry, supported by companies of Tonkinese riflemen.
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