1. The publication of Toustain and Tassin is of permanent value.
  2. The last four volumes were edited by Tassin alone after Toustain's death.
  3. Toustain died before the second volume had been entirely printed, and so Tassin saw the great work to completion.
  4. United in close friendship with his brother in religion, Dom Charles-Fran鏾is Toustain, he collaborated with him on a new edition of the works of Theodore the Studite, which task led them to visit Rome together.
  5. Two other Maurists, Dom Toustain and Dom Tassin, compiled a work in six large quarto volumes, with many facsimiles etc ., known as the " Nouveau Trait?de Diplomatique " ( Paris, 1750 1765 ).
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  7. In collaboration with Dom Carpentier he prepared a new edition of the great lexicon originally published in 1678 by Du Cange, and afterwards continued by the Maurists, its first Benedictine editor being Dom Guesni? who was followed by Nicolas Toustain and Louis Le Pelletier.
  8. Although Mabillon is still widely seen as the " father " of diplomatics, a more important milestone in the formation of the battery of practical techniques which make up the modern discipline was the publication of Ren?Prosper Tassin and Charles-Fran鏾is Toustain's " Nouveau trait?de diplomatique ", which appeared in 6 volumes in 1750 65.
  9. Of general interest among Toustain's personal writings are : " La v閞it?pers閏ut閑 par l'erreur " ( 2 vols ., 1733 ), a collection of the writings of the Fathers on the persecutions of the first eight centuries; and " L'authorit?de miracles dans l'蒰lise " ( no date ), in which he expounds the opinion of St . Augustine.


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