trust live造句


  1. The live album was released as " Trust Live " twelve years after its recording by Live " album release in France.
  2. The trust lives on after you die, and whatever you put into it doesn't have to be dealt with in a will or dragged through probate court.
  3. Clapton first used Gold Lace Sensors on three prototype signature models built by George Blanda-one was finished in Torino Red and the other two in Pewter Grey Metallic-in the " Prince Trust Live Aid ", " Live in Montreux " and " Eric Clapton and friends Live 1986 " DVDs from 1986.
  4. As a composer, Schlefer has received numerous commissions and grants, including from Dancing in the Streets ( with the support of the Mary Flagler Cary Trust Live Music for Dance Program ), SONOS Chamber Orchestra, the Satori Chamber Ensemble, and PEARSONWIDRIG DANCETHEATER ( with the support of the O Donnell Green Foundation and the AMC Live Music for Dance Program ).
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