trust nobody造句


  1. You have to understand one thing : Derrick don't trust nobody ."
  2. "I don't trust nobody in Texas, " he said.
  3. "I don't trust nobody.
  4. "You can't trust nobody, " agreed Jimmy Aguirre, a junior.
  5. Then " don't trust nobody; gotta look over your shoulder constantly ."
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  7. I trust nobody will object . talk ) 02 : 19, 2 October 2011 ( UTC)
  8. Back at their apartment, Boris realises that they can trust nobody but themselves, and have to leave.
  9. Basically, the nature of scholarship, especially in the humanities, is no trust nobody else's interpretation.
  10. Petit-Frere, has a tattoo on his left biceps that reads " Don't Trust Nobody ."
  11. She left it at school, but it has the words " don t trust nobody-- Leroy " written across it.
  12. Cadool tells Afsan to trust nobody except those who can make a certain hand gesture; one Afsan has seen performed before by Keenir.
  13. I trust nobody will have an issue with me closing even though I opined here as my close goes with consensus and not with my personal opinion.
  14. Rule No . 1 : Get Paid; Rule No . 2 : Don't trust nobody, not even yourself; Rule No . 3 : Stay Free.
  15. ""'Trust Nobody "'" is a song by Norwegian DJ and record producer Cashmere Cat, featuring vocals by American singer Selena Gomez and Canadian rapper Tory Lanez.
  16. He has turned that feeling into a philosophy of life : " Don't trust nobody and don't look out for nobody, because nobody's going to look out for you ."
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