trust operation造句


  1. The trust operation would have to become self-sufficient within 12 years.
  2. Prior to those acquisitions, BankAmerica sold its own corporate trust operations in the 1980s.
  3. It can also increase securities holdings overseas and increase the scale of its trust operations.
  4. He worked four years in retail banking and trust operations for Norwest National Bank in Minnesota.
  5. This was due to the need to raise more capital to finance expansion of the Trusts operation.
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  7. However, Ahmanson was able to retain its trust operations as a subsidiary, Ahmanson Trust Company.
  8. Perhaps the most spectacular success of the GPU / OGPU was the Trust Operation of 1924 1925.
  9. In 2011 ownership of the site was transferred from Defence Infrastructure Organisation to Heritage of London Trust Operations.
  10. Initially the bank focused on trade finance transactions and strengthening other fee based income capabilities such as trust operations.
  11. Instead the Chapter 13 trustees run their trust operations by collecting a small percentage of debtors'Chapter 13 reorganizational payments.
  12. Sumitomo would gain access to Daiwa's trust operation, which is the nation's largest pension-fund manager.
  13. Trustco acquired Home & City Savings Bank and a three-story expansion of the Erie Boulevard Trust Operations Building in 1991.
  14. Toward the very end of the seventies, additional properties on Erie Boulevard were purchased that would later become the Trust Operations Building.
  15. First Bank said its first-quarter earnings rose 20 percent, spurred by increased fees from credit-card accounts and trust operations.
  16. The unit, called the Corporate Trust Operations Center, handled more than $ 100 billion in municipal debt service funds from 1978 to 1992.
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