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  1. The B2600i was also available in the two wheel drive version.
  2. This was the first crossing by a standard two wheel drive passenger car.
  3. Bulbet team decided to take part in the European rally championship in the category of two wheel drive cars.
  4. Ultimately, a Skoda-powered two wheel drive utility vehicle could no longer meet the needs of increasingly affluent rural and construction sectors.
  5. The first models designed with this layout in Central Europe before the second world war, had better traction than any other two wheel drive car layout.
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  7. Two wheel drive models used the 5 on 4.5 " wheel bolt circle and in 1985 changed to the 5 on 5.5 " pattern.
  8. The classes are Open Modified, Super Modified, Limited Modified, Open Mini Modified, Mini Modified, Pro Stock ( diesel ) and Two Wheel Drive Trucks.
  9. These delays allowed Team Associated additional time to release its second version of the RC-10, which again gave two wheel drive electric dominance back to Team Associated.
  10. In 1974 two young Whataroa brothers, Kevin and Rodney Giles, formed the Duzgo Manufacturing Company to make a small two wheel drive light utility vehicle for use primarily on farms.
  11. Processes that can occur while the car is still driving include switching between two wheel drive and four wheel drive on some cars and opening and closing the roof on some convertible cars.
  12. The 4010 was rated at 80 horsepower in 1960, but tested at 84 horsepower during testing trials making it one of the most powerful two wheel drive farm tractors at that time.
  13. He became bankrupt in 1794, and the sale details indicate that there were two wheels driving five pairs of stones, and a newly invented water-powered engine for cutting hay and straw.
  14. They were very capable in the mountainous country there, that had lots of unsurfaced roads, just how capable was shown by the performance of the two wheel drive military K黚elwagen version of the VW Beetle.
  15. The Rodeo weighs in at a little over, with an EPA estimated gas mileage for 2007 of city and highway for the two wheel drive model, and city and highway for the four wheel drive model.
  16. Sportsman buggies featured regular 70 horsepower buggies plus a light class with SUVs, Classix race cars were stock cars with modified suspensions, and the Enduro trucks were two wheel drive 3 / 4 ton pickup chassis.
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