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  1. Application of new type synthesis sensor in profile measurement
  2. Type synthesis and topological description of spatial parallel mechanisms based on five - bar closed - loop structure
  3. During types synthesis of kinematic scheme , there are two tasks need to be accomplished , one is transformation of each building block coordinate system in to machine ( global ) coordinate system , the other is linear transformation of each building block to align the axes
  4. According to the decoupling of type synthesis of mechanism and the relationship between control and error software compensation , the unsymmetrical 3 - dof translational weakly - coupled parallel mechanism for cmm was selected , the positive and negative solutions of mechanism position an error model were analyzed
  5. Aiming at the deficiency of traditional nc machine tool and parallel machine tool , the advantages of traditiona nc machine tool and parallel machine tool are used for reference , three hybrid type pmt , which combine serial structure with parallel structure , are proposed in this dissertation tbiough type synthesis , invention patents have been applied for them
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