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  1. Its main fuselage was cigar-shaped with swept wings and an aircraft type tail.
  2. Other changes included small tailfins, bubble-type tail lights as on the Morris Minor, and added chrome.
  3. It was fitted with more powerful engines and an " X " type tail rotor instead of the three-blade version.
  4. It has all the latest technology ( such as an advanced on-board computer and detailed SST nose, stealth, and twin V-type tails.
  5. After deficiencies were identified by the flight test program, the tail was redesigned, and the aircraft was rebuilt with a twin-boom type tail.
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  7. I would also like to say that by using the word Disneyland, I do not mean to degrade anyone with large, mouselike ears or a rodent-type tail.
  8. The design of the D1A, based on the Heinkel He 66, an export model of the He 50, was designed as a biplane constructed of metal, with a fabric covering, a fixed landing gear and a conventional type tail landing skid.


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