1. Ullmo's name was not divulged, and he survived.
  2. In May 1944, Ullmo fell gravely ill with blinding headaches.
  3. Ullmo said the men working on the tunnel quickly scurried out and thought they were safe.
  4. I left Paris for the countryside to go look for my parents, " Ullmo said.
  5. The Red Cross arrived the next day _ the same day Ullmo was discharged from the hospital.
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  7. Ullmo said he waited for 36 hours before being pulled off the assignment : the German had already been arrested.
  8. Edouard Ullmo, a vice president of commercial development at Airbus, said the deal was valued at $ 5.1 billion.
  9. Various results have been established towards the full conjecture by Ben Moonen, Yves Andr? Andrei Yafaev, Bas Edixhoven, Laurent Clozel, and Emmanuel Ullmo, among others.
  10. Drancy commandant Alois Brunner, who took control of the camp in the summer of 1943, didn't want Jews dying there, so Ullmo was taken to a local hospital.
  11. Making his way to Paris, Ullmo joined up with his comrades in the Resistance, fighters of the French underground opposed to the Nazi occupation who were preparing to liberate the French capital.
  12. Ullmo was given a rifle and ordered to arrest the head of the German criminal police, who every morning went to a tobacco store off the tony boulevard de Courcelles to buy cigarettes.
  13. At great risk, right under the nose of the Nazis, Ullmo and a small group of male prisoners clandestinely plotted to dig a tunnel underneath the camp so that its inmates could escape.
  14. "We didn't want anyone left behind because every time someone escaped from the camp, the Nazis would kill 50 people, " said Ullmo, 90, during an interview at his Paris apartment . " The Germans followed the principle of collective responsibility.
  15. One who made it out alive _ and tried to help others do so in one of the Holocaust's little-known tales _ was Andre Ullmo, a Jewish Resistance fighter who was arrested and sent to Drancy in May 1943 after a French informer denounced him to the Gestapo.


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