1. The village was the administrative centre of the old municipality of Ullsfjord.
  2. It was one of the largest villages in the former municipality of Ullsfjord.
  3. The main church for the municipality was Ullsfjord Church, located in Sjursnes, the administrative centre of the municipality.
  4. The area surrounding the Ullsfjorden was part of the municipality of Ullsfjord for about 60 years during the 20th century.
  5. The church is part of the Ullsfjord parish in the Troms?arch-deanery in the Diocese of Nord-H錶ogaland.
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  7. If the proposed Ullsfjord Bypass Road is built, the area will reduce the travel time to central Troms?by half.
  8. "' Ullsfjord Church "'( ) is a parish church in the municipality of Troms?in Troms county, Norway.
  9. The city of Troms?( population : 12, 602 ), the municipality of Troms鴜sund ( population : 16, 727 ), most of the municipality of Ullsfjord except for the Svendsby area ( population : 2, 019 ), and most of the municipality of Hilles鴜 except for the parts on Senja ( population : 1, 316 ) were all merged to form a new, larger municipality of Troms?


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