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  1. The UN General Assembly officially disbanded UNAEC in 1952, although the Commission had been inactive since July 1949.
  2. In 1946 President Harry S . Truman appointed Baruch as the United States representative to the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission ( UNAEC ).
  3. Although the Baruch Plan enjoyed wide international support, it failed to emerge from the UNAEC because the Soviet Union planned to veto it in the Security Council.
  4. On Friday, June 14, 1946, Baruch presented his Baruch Plan, a modified version of the Acheson Lilienthal plan, to the UNAEC, which proposed international control of then-new atomic energy.
  5. The Baruch Plan, unveiled in a speech to the newly formed United Nations Atomic Energy Commission ( UNAEC ) in June 1946, proposed the establishment of an international atomic development authority, but was not adopted.


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