1. Unmack died on 17 September 1919 and was buried in Toowong Cemetery.
  2. King trained as a solicitor articled to Alfred Glassford Unmack.
  3. From 1971 to 1973 he practised with the firm Frank Unmack and Cullen in Fremantle.
  4. In 1906 these included the local Rechabites, the Salvation Army, the Ithaca Ratepayers Association, the Women's Christian Charity and the Theodore Unmack Society of Masons.
  5. On the accession to power of Sir Samuel Griffith, Unmack was appointed Secretary for Railways and Postmaster-General on 12 August 1890; he held those roles until 27 March 1893.
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  7. He is a straight shooter who does not bow to pressure, " said James Unmack, vice president of technical operations for Weststates EHS Services, an environmental consulting firm that meets regularly with Arabzadeh as part of a working group of Los Angeles city and county industrial health officials.
  8. Dwyer resumed his legal practice as a senior partner of the firm Moss, Dwyer, Unmack and Thomas and was selected by the Barristers Board as a member of the three-person committee to consider the establishment of a law school at the University of Western Australia . he became a lecturer at the new law school in 1928 and in 1929 was appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court.


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