unmade beds造句


  1. Images of unmade beds and filthy bathrooms haunt my sleep.
  2. The thing about the people in " Unmade Beds,"
  3. "Unmade Beds " is a set of cinematic memoirs.
  4. Barker's techniques on " Unmade Beds " would give hives to documentary purists.
  5. Their stories and feelings, which they express directly to the camera, constitute " Unmade Beds,"
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  7. In 2007 the band released its first album " Unmade beds ", distributed in Italy and Germany.
  8. Rating : " Unmade Beds " is rated R ( Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian ).
  9. A prematurely gray man in his 30s sits in the only chair; everyone else rests on the floor or the two unmade beds.
  10. The stay-home moms will look fabulous by 10 a . m ., but at this wretched hour we sometimes still look like unmade beds.
  11. I thought the khaki campaign with the dead movie stars was far more classy than unmade beds, which is what most of these floor traders look like,
  12. In the beginning, I routinely arrived home in the morning to a stack of dishes in the sink, unmade beds, laundry and car-pool duty.
  13. I've never seen a French woman that looked unkempt, " she said, " compared to British men, who look like unmade beds.
  14. "This film is beyond classification, " says Nicholas Barker, director of " Unmade Beds, " one of the three new movies.
  15. "Unmade Beds, " which entered the festival with no North American distributor, is still looking for a buyer but appears close to a deal.
  16. "Unmade Beds, " as a result, is a very black and bleak comedy and it pushes and strains at the boundaries of voyeuristic bad taste.
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