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  1. In the end , collapsing process of a water column impinging an upright wall after by - passing a set of perforated blocks is simulated by using the mps model
  2. After excavation , there are concentration phenomenon of stress at the corner or the shiplock room , and the tension zone lies in half of the middle part as well as the part of the two slopes to the lower part of the upright wall . finally the analysis results are compared with site monitoring data in period of construction as well as the feedback reports , the result of all comes to meet with each other very well
    开挖完成后,在闸室拐角处存在不同程度的应力集中现象,中隔墩上部1 2的岩体及南北边坡至直立墙顶部平台以下的部分岩体为拉应力区。在两侧边坡及边墙的塑性区出现在损伤区和部分卸荷影响区内,中隔墩大部分区域的岩体都进入了塑性状态,闸室底板处的塑性区基本上与损伤区一致。
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