1. She took dancing lessons at Madame Vacani's school in Knightsbridge.
  2. It was with this intention that O'Neill contacted Ruy Vacani and Benjamin and Alexandre Braga, who were in the process of creating an airline.
  3. The contacts did not reach a definite conclusion because O'Neill did not agree on the financial aspect of the operation and Vacani and the Braga brothers could not provide exclusive exploration of air services in Brazil, as demanded by O'Neill.
  4. Losing interest in air operations, Vacani and the Braga brothers ceased the operations of ETA on November 16, 1929 sold two of its aircraft to Varig, the ones registered as P-BBAC and P-BBAD . There is no record of the fate of P-BBAA.
  5. It's difficult to find vacani in a sentence. 用vacani造句挺难的


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