vacuum processing造句

"vacuum processing"是什么意思   


  1. Provides information about the application vacuuming process
  2. The vacuuming process is occurring as scheduled in the application definition file
    清空进程按应用程序定义文件( adf )中的调度运行。
  3. When applications are running , verify that the vacuuming process is running as scheduled
  4. Stored procedure returns data about when the vacuuming process last ran and how many event and notification rows were removed
  5. Vacuum processes experience in oled evaporation & encapsulation are advantage . : new graduates in physics , chemical engineering , material engineering , or related majors are also considerable
    (真空工艺?有oled蒸发和封装经验者优先考虑?如物理?化学工程?材料工程或相关专业的应届毕业生也可考虑。 )
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