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  1. The novel vertical carrier - free linear cluster system phoebus for the economical deposition of amorphous and microcrystalline silicon light absorbers by pecvd ideally combines the strengths of proven vacuum production platforms to precisely focus on the needs of solar cell producers : process stability , productivity , yield , footprint , costs of ownership
    新的立式无载体线团系统”菲波斯” ( phoebus ) ,以pecvd方法经济地镀膜无定形的和微晶硅吸光体,理想地结合各种证明可靠的真空生产平台的优点来精确的聚焦于满足太阳能电池生产者的需求:工艺的稳定性,生产效率,合格产量率,占地面积和拥有运营的总成本
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