ventilated machine造句

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  1. Uncomfortable breathing tubes linked them to ventilating machines much longer.
  2. A power failure had rendered his ventilating machine useless.
  3. Called an apnea test, it measures the brain's ability to produce a breathing response when ventilating machines are turned off.
  4. They brimstone ( sulfur ), and maintained the ventilating machines that supplied fresh air to the lower decks to keep them dry.
  5. He describes ventilating machines in detail, including a cooling system using subterranean tubes and the Refrigerator ( his own invention ), and based on evaporative cooling.
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  7. The main generator was a 1080 kW 650V 1660A continuous rated self ventilated machine directly connected to the engines crankshaft and supported by an extension of the diesel engines bedplate.
  8. At the emergency hospital in Grozny, medical orderlies rushed to pump air into a comatose young boy caught in a bomb blast Thursday, as a power failure had rendered his ventilating machine useless.


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