ventilating device造句

"ventilating device"是什么意思   


  1. Technology innovation is appreciated at huayi . the ventilating device for curtain wall developed by our company obtained four national patents
  2. Our company specializes in the automobile lamps and lanterns , instrument platform , bumper , such automobile fittings as the mirror , extra exit ventilating device , etc . decorate one , move backward
  3. Suitable for demanding to use the lubrication of generalizing the oil device type engine which is equipped with the crankcase ventilating device and recycling device of the waste gas of the specification oil of api se cd
    用途适用于要求使用api se cc规格油品的装有正压曲轴箱通风装置及废气再循环装置的普通化油器式发动机的润滑。
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